Announcing my book: The Art of Applied Consciousness


Why does energy healing work? What is energy healing? How come there are so many different “modalities”? Can I learn to heal others? Can I learn to heal myself? Where do I find qualified help? Can I learn energy healing and turn it into my profession?

There are way to many open questions on this topic that I decided to write a book about it. There are countless different ways to energy heal and many vague opinions and myths to clear up – I felt it was time to create an easy to understand guide to cover this fascinating field. As people experience healing energies, they begin to ask questions about the very fabric of reality. Often they haven’t felt those energies before and begin their own inner journey to learn more about it. My book is mend to inform the reader about the underlying mechanics of energy healing as well as the major techniques leading to sometimes profound changes in personal health as well as heal in ones surroundings. This can include the beginning of a professional career or a more focused and successful path of transforming the personal environment of friends and family into a stage of abundant joy and friendship that can be felt and seen. As a little child, 35 years ago, I felt healing energy in form of heat for the first time. It came from my own hands after my mother instructed me in a short meditation and asking me to hold my hands in a certain position above my knees. She told me that everyone could learn this given the right motivation and effort and I have seen countless examples of her words being true.

The book will also help to find teachers that can help you to become a proficient energy healers as well as useful resources in related areas such as equipment for a healing practice or useful accessories such as essential oils.

If you are the owner of a conscious business that supplies the energy healing profession or a trainer that guides new practitioners on their way to mastery, please contact me at manek at so we can speak about inclusion in my upcoming book: The Art of Applied Consciousness.



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