Conflicts arise all the time and get resolved at a variety of levels

On the human level we are interwoven with the fabric of nature. We live and breathe in the same environment as all of nature. Just we pollute it with toxic thoughts and substances. We as a species seem negligent of mother nature.

We are never less needed to harmonize energies across the universe. We transmute energy by our actions and thoughts. Our emotional body serves as a vessel for transmutation as well. As the environment suffers, the planet begins to vibrate at distorted frequencies, thus irritating the fine balanced fields of the human body. Once this happens we are falling out of the state of ease. “Dis-ease” sets in. Thus, pollution breads disease on a fundamental quantum-level. The unfortunate manifestations are then in the thousands with a top 10 list manifesting in:
Mental disorders, stress related diseases such as heart attack/stroke and cancers in which cells mutate because of a variety of distortions

The environment is not only a concern “for the planet and it’s animals” but also for us and our very survival.
A planetary logos bears fruit to a variety of life forms in ever more complex patterns of vibration, acting as a breeding ground for more and more advanced life. It is a buffer zone that makes other forms of life possible and helps to harmonize energies on different levels. If a “batch” of life causes only disharmony, it will be purged to create a new and better batch. It is that simple. This is the way of nature. Thus, treating our environment well, means we are treating ourselves well. Changes in our behavior will have an instant impact on our health.

When I meditate on topics like this, all information is always shown from a perspective of love and respect. It is however also very clear in it’s language. If we don’t begin to be harmonizers in our environment (that is among each other as well as in our inter-play with nature) we will be wiped from the surface of earth. It is that simple. There are no mistakes in nature and nature acts in long intervals. I am not proclaiming the end of the world here, I just feel that it is time for us to become responsible citizen of this miraculous planet we have been given into our hands for safekeeping. Let’s make sure that our children may enjoy it too.