Energy healing such as quantum healing and Reiki has become very popular over the last few years. It almost seems that it is about to enter mainstream and joined by more flavors of similar techniques. There is the “Healing Touch”, Quigong and many more. Apparently, there have been thousands of years of history that brought forth many techniques of energy healing that are being practiced across the world. Some of these are being offered in classical medical settings like hospitals or recommended by medical doctors to augment treatments. For many these offers “lack rationality” and are considered belief based. Therefore, many people reject trying alternative paths of healing by these “energies” as they do not believe in their efficiency. The energies are known as Prana, Chi, Ki, Qui and other names.

“One Energy”

In quantum physics, we now see a trend to accept a unified field theory in which all perceived matter is the result of collapsing of a wave based energy field once it is observed, thus there is one energy that creates all that is observable in our universe. Even though this energy field has been suspected since the 60’s, proving it has been a significant milestone in physics but perhaps even more in “spiritual” circles. Everything we observe and know springs from one energy that seems to have intelligence on its own. Intelligent energy that “knows” when it has to turn into what is expected to be observed at a certain point in time and space.

In Reiki we explain that the practitioner is “channeling” the energy of Reiki that the receiver “draws” from them. The receiver, that is the person having the treatment done, somehow draws this energy and people who enjoy these treatments report of tingling and other sensations and more often or not about marked improvement of their conditions. The same can be said of other energy healing modalities.

Meet another name for this energy that is being increasingly accepted: Consciousness! Practitioners of many meditation methods will explain that in deepest states of meditation the environment and the meditating person melt into a unit of energy. This energy is experienced as pure consciousness. This is the same consciousness/energy that is being observed as a unified field of energy as well as the energy that is being interchanged and intermingled during treatment sessions. Based on concepts of non-locality these sessions can be even done remotely and clearly felt by the receiving person. The healing energy is directed by means of intention: It means that the energy of consciousness is directed by intention and thus transferred to other “concentrations of consciousness” (persons). We now observe a trend of quantum physicist and people in the fields of neuro sciences and practitioners of deep meditation as well as healers all work in concert to dive into ever deeper levels of understanding. To me it seems that a new era of understanding is dawning. An era where sciences melt together into the same “one-ness” that is now increasingly being observable as we develop more modalities of measurement. It may lead to a new wave of acceptance of alternative healing methods as we realize that these have a very sound scientific background and explanations that have simple not been understood in the past. Much further research is needed to bring this kind of information to the masses but it will surely be exciting to be a part of it. I invite Reiki praktitioners and others in energy healing/work as well as curious physicist to connect to me. It would be great to exchange thoughts and ideas and I would love to share some of my ideas as of how to broaden the exchange of information in the research areas of consciousness.


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