Many explanations about enlightenment begin like this:

We are a hybrid race, engineered by aliens that is controlled by the Rothschild family and gold mining Annunaki. The Illuminati, Satan, aka Sanat and 5 other star races try to keep us stupid via TV and the Internet while some other star race is in orbit, ready to swoop in at a moments notice and free us. The population is already infested by agents of them etc. pp.. Knowing this = enlightenment.

Wait, what??

I have no idea if any of the above is true or not, never less it has nothing to do with enlightenment or awakening or self realization. It is knowing or suspecting some stories that may or may not be fact in whole or part – irrelevant.

Awakening is not happening via watching a video with “awakening code” or talking about aliens but by self realization and inner exploration. The same way as it has happened for thousands of years, it still happens. No other way but by purging old false believes about the self and reaching deep states of knowing oneself. I don’t say that people should not follow interesting stories or research aliens, I would love some of the stories to be true and some might be. What I am saying is that it is important to understand that there is no way around the spiritual or mental/scientific path of knowing and it is in no way related to alien videos unless they describe a spiritual path or meditative one. It is real work and can’t be accomplished by watching videos or smoking pot. It simply will never lead to enlightenment but to delusions that can become dangerous over time.

I am writing this as a friend recently approached me, being a little bit unsettled that some of the stories she read about “grids, matrixes and VR” made her feel uneasy. She is a deeply spiritual/meditative person that has a great track record in energy healing, always with a warm and kind smile on her face. When she holds your hand or lays her hand on your shoulder to tell you something, you feel instantly her heartfelt devotion to other peoples well being. You want to listen to her.

This time around I saw her the first time ever with a sincere look on her face and the warmth of her heart was replaced by cool head-leveled concern. It took me a while to realize that the explanation seems to be relatively easy. Reality for a large part is created by our very thoughts about reality. We perceive reality by how we learned about it. If you would tell a child that air has to be consumed by chewing it, most people would chew like cows all day in many different ways – Chewing they all would, as nobody wants to die, right?

The “magic” of exploration can be taken away by dangerous assumptions that all seem to make sense. Trying a VR system and concluding that this is how some magical alien super computer “does it, but better”, will work just fine to confuse us. It’s all possible, we just don’t know.

It is important to explore the depth of reality for ourselves in order to understand it.

Just because we now have science that could copy a certain part of reality does not mean that it has decoded it. I do think that the LHC at CERN delivered some solid hints that we are all one energy. That does not mean that all energy is held in place by a machine and that machines are all that there is. Somehow we are alive…

Once you realize yourself it is easier to understand everything else. The most important thing you will discover, that there is and will be always the magic of life and perception by itself. The experience, the path, is the goal of life. Life itself, that is the magic. Being alive and helping one another, experiencing love, all this is not affected by whatever other realizations, that are more or less born from our own perception. We are all a wonderful piece of life. If that is not amazingly fascinating, then what is?