The myth goes as such:

About 12,000 years ago planet earth had vast continents, brimming with life. Very advanced civilizations of class 2 on the Kardashev scale. That is: Civilizations that can harness the complete power of their solar system. Building crystal/light based computers, telepathically communicating with each other and animals and more. They were in contact with other beings from many other planets and nothing could stop them.

They knew they had become by all means gods in their own rights. They created bodies in space for long distance travel, transcended time and space in light bodies and more. They became masters over their domain.

Then hubris set in. Their experiments became bolder, some of them began to merge with machines in attempts to become not only immortal but also indestructible. One evening they decided to bring a new energy-grid online, harnessing a new fusion technology. It should have worked, all calculations turned out perfect, simulations had been successful. 15 minutes after the grid was activated all surface population on earth seized to exist.

Fast forward to 2017. We are about to create computers that will reach and soon supersede human intelligence, plans are in place to merge ourselves with them. Biotech is a booming business, human brain matter is being grown in the bodies of rats and geneticists claim to stop or reverse aging soon. Nanotechnology is planned to replace our “buddy” biology. The driver for this innovation is money. The faster you are in the market with your new life changing tech, the better you will be served in the world and quality, care and responsibility are being reduced to the legal limitations and boundaries are being pushed wherever possible.

Today I met a wise lady who suspected the Atlanteans are back and have a karmic choice to make new and hopefully better decisions this time around. We could create technology that supports and simplifies our lives while we work hard on the global rise of consciousness. We should work on creating enlightened leadership and then go out bold where no man has gone before. We then can build amazing technology that let’s us zip through space at warp speed and replicate food ala Star Treck. Then old karmic debt will be paid and we as humans will usher safely into eternal prosperity.

At least before we have that singularity launched – Let’s try to take a deep breathe all over the world and evaluate our value system before we create the second demise of Atlantis and with it all of the rest of us. I see the chances at least as equal as the risk. Let’s become more humble. Are we as a species ready to create one machine, that can wipe us out if used irresponsibly? Are we there yet? Haven’t we proven to ourselves that we are slow learners? Lightworkers step up, it is time to raise the consciousness and evaluate our value systems to be ready for stepping up in responsibility.