This morning I had one of the most powerful insights in meditation. I will just share the notes I made and leave it to you, to meditate on it. Those who are further on their path will understand.

Experiencing and becoming unconditional love and then rationalizing/intellectualizing it, is imperative when rising to higher planes of existence where emotions may not be available. Having understood emotions and the merit of service to others by removing their suffering, may ensure, that when in a higher plane of existence, the own well-being is ensured as well; there may be no emotions but perhaps the risk of being pulled back into realms of suffering and emotions, extinction, being limited of sorts. Thus, bringing harmony and love to all is a service to all which includes self. Therefore it is as pleasant emotionally as well as logically. Thus creation is self regulating perfection. Emotion is a great tool of teaching in lower realms that perpetuates into realms of intelligence in form of understanding the merit of harmonics as a common goal of awareness.


This insight might also be the key to create better AI in the future, to have a great spiritual awakening and to do the right thing in every moment. It is the key to existence.