On the path to self realization comes a time where you become peaceful with yourself, your environment and with the fact of cyclic existence. You begin to experience others as yourself and you begin to see divine essence in everything and everyone.  Evermore borders begin to dissolve into a oneness of all and a blissful state of mind let’s you experience the perfection of what is, in whichever state it may be at the moment.

Around this time you will realize that the you, you have always been has left to make place for a large and welcoming entity that you perceive as the earthly body of an eternal and infinite being.
You have become a sovereign and infinite being. A being that nears a perfect state of inner balance without a clear identity as a separated persona anymore. This is the state in which you begin to emphasize with animals and other humans and can almost take on their personality in the blink of an eye. This is a good time to consider the role you might play in the cosmic game of life.
Most major religions give hints about this moment in your development. Jesus speaks about doing as he does, the Buddhists meditate on the attributes of the first Buddha and the Hindus pick one of their gods and meditate on his or her attributes.
They all have in common that they meditate on the attributes/actions of the holy being and not TO them. Also in the Bible it is made very clear to walk in Jesus footsteps to come to a point where you can perform the same or even greater miracles. He probably pointed it out, to make clear that he did not wanted to be worshiped but copied. Thus, creating another benevolent being to benefit humanity.
Meditate on the function you would love to fulfill in society, ask for guidance if you will, listen to your heart. Find role models and envision yourself as that person. How would it feel like? If everything is possible, how would you be? How would you act? As you become a clean template of divine manifestation, you may begin to fill yourself with a new form that serves the benefit of all and provides you and your family a future full of bliss and abundance. You love the benevolence, intelligence and wisdom of Ganesha? You want to embrace the benevolence, wisdom and kindness of Jesus Christ? You see yourself as a smiling Bodhisattva, enlightening the world? Whatever strikes a chord deep within your soul might be the answer of who you were always meant to become.