People love to chat! They chat all day long. If it’s the quick SMS to a friend, a lengthy exchange between lovers that creates threads of thousands upon thousands of messages on Facebook – Chat has replaced much of our voice communication and is here to stay. Now many companies begin to jump on the new Goldrush – Go where your customers are – Chat! To make it easy for small and medium businesses, my small team and I have created a chat bot platform that is very easy to fill with news, Q&A based content, quizzes and more to allow explaining and selling your products and services to those billions (!) of chat users on Facebook Messenger and Skype!

Regarding to Facebook:
of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message*
There are more than 100,000 Bots available to serve customers in the USA. This is great news for consumers but also shows that bots are still an exciting novelty as there are tens of millions of business websites in comparison. Chat bots will be the new business website, the stakes for popular industries are being claimed now. Soon all good and short names will be taken, all industries covered and all niches filled, just as with all other mediums and reaching new customers will become very expensive.
Remember the times when millions of people downloaded the first apps on iPhones as every new app was exciting? Bots are the next apps but they are here to stay. There might be never another kind of user interface as we have arrived at the level of dialog with a machine.



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