To understand time, it is important to realize that the human experience is a two fold experience. On one hand you have the physical world with all it’s people, objects and actions – with other words: A whole world that seems to be made of matter. This world moves, has cycles such as day and night, birth and death, decay etc.

On the other hand you have the eternal observer. That is a viewpoint of consciousness that perceives reality through the lens of all memories ever made, thoughts in the mind and sensations “played” to that observer. This observer resides always in the NOW. Now is a fixed point that lasts eternally.

With other words, the eternal observer is shown a system in a seemingly linear manner of a body that grows and ages, day and night and other cycles (circadian rhythm). There is felt time (application of perception to given circumstances) as well as mechanical time. An artificial system that nicely “proofs/measures” the other rhythms such as day and night, weeks, years etc. In other words the projection of that reality becomes a measurable experience. As you have time “ticking” away in sync with changes of scenery the observer has no concept of time but the subjective impression and experience stored and “reported” by the memory and mind system that is connecting it with that given reality.

Thus, from the “outside” of that reality, 1 year of experienced time, if you would measure it by means of a linear experience, (measured by for example speed of movement we would consider “normal”) becomes 100 years of experience on the “inside” of that reality. Now I could imagine (what I don’t know), that there are many layers of those realities, each with their own “clock speed”. In our case a 4th dimensional world of consciousness “wraps” a 3rd dimensional world that “runs” about 100 times faster (this is an experience in meditation that “feels” right, I do not have evidence for this claim of the exact numbers) than the outside. Therefore even on that outside, the observing point and “it’s now” must be wrapped into a body/mind complex of some sort or could not be connected to a focused 3rd dimensional experience.

Nikolai Manek